2019 Spring Boat Duty Rotation

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What is boat duty?

Boat Duty is:

  • Preparing the boat for launching by helping with the equipment, straps, lines, etc.
  • Rowing the boat from the launch ramp to the dock on race day (contact Gregg or Marty for times)
  • Rowing the boat from the dock to the launch ramp after the races
  • Preparing the boat for towing by helping with equipment, straps, lines, etc.
  • Rowing the boat from Brinkman’s back to our dock (you need to get a substitute if you will not be available)

It may also be necessary to help row the boat to Brinkman’s prior to the races depending on the tides and weather.
Boat Duty Schedule

Date                          Race                                                  Teams with Duty

April 13, 2019        Skipper Whipper                               CNP / Men

April 27, 2019        Row’d Warriors Spring Sprints        FUNatics / Beavers

May 4, 2019           Coast Guard Challenge                    CNP / Men

May 18, 2019         Oakland Cup                                      FUNatics / Beavers

June 1, 2019           Alcatraz                                               CNP / Men

June 15, 2019        Bridge to Bridge                                 Participating Team(s)